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Summer Weeds

Nature-Inspired Artwork

Summer Weeds is a collection of nature-inspired artwork both modern and antique. Explore nature past and present by mixing eco-friendly and affordable modern handmade colorful plant silhouettes and vintage hundred-year-old prints. Antique prints by artists such as Pratt, Thornton and James Sowerby.

Our Mission: We work with integrity and ethics.

Your satisfaction with our products and service is important to us.  Our products are made with quality archival materials from sustainable, recycled, and cruelty-free sources when possible.

Authenticity Guaranteed

All artwork is guaranteed to be antique or created by our designers as stated on the product description.

Sustainable Packaging

All outer packaging is from recycled sources, and will withstand even the harshest journey. The artwork is housed in archival and water-resistant packaging for long-term storage.

Shop Small

This small web shop is a micro business run by two people. We support other small businesses and artists around the world.

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Natural History Publications

Browse thousands of antique natural history art inspired by nature. Build and share a wishlist

Comte de Buffon

Natural History of Insects

James Cockburn

Swiss Scenery

M. C. Cooke

British Fungi

William Curtis

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine

Georges B. Cuvier

The Animal Kingdom

A. B. Hervey

Sea Mosses

William Jardine

The Naturalist’s Library

George Willis

Lloyd’s Natural History

George Loddiges

The Botanical Cabinet

Edward Joseph Lowe

Beautiful Leaves and Ferns

Charles Maynard

North American Butterflies

Francis O. Morris

Birds and Butterflies

John Parkinson

Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris

Anne Pratt

Flowering Plants and Ferns

James E. Smith

Study of Botany

James Sowerby

English Botany

Robert J. Thornton

Elements of Botany, British Flora

Miss S. Waring

Minstrelsy of the Woods

J. C. Weber

Alpine Plants

Alexander Wilson

American Ornithology

J. G. Wood

Common Moths