Nature-Inspired Artwork

Explore nature past and present by mixing eco-friendly and affordable modern handmade botanical art and vintage hundred-year-old prints.

Wild Flowers (Toad Flax) by Kim Granstrom

Original acrylic painting on found wood panel, 2015

Elements of Botany by Robert J. Thornton, M.D.

Detail of Plate 14 Winged Passion Flower, antique copperplate engraving, 1812

The Flowering Plants of Great Britain by Anne Pratt

Detail of Plate 62 Milk-vetch, Bird's-foot, Sand Joint-vetch, Horse Shoe-vetch, Saint Foin, antique chromolithograph, 1860

Hop Bine Wreaths

Handmade, homegrown, and all natural.

Marigold Seed Packet

Hand printed seed package of 50 seeds.