Natural History Publications

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Hand-colored engravings illustrating insects from Histoire Naturelle, Générale et Particulière by...

Cockburn Swiss Scenery

Steel engravings of Swiss landscapes from Swiss Scenery from Drawings by James Cockburn.

Cooke British Fungi

Color lithographs from A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke publish...

Cooke Microscopic Fungi

Chromolithographs from Cooke's Microscopic Fungi

Curtis Botanical Magazine

Hand-colored engravings from Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Cuvier Animal Kingdom

Cuvier Animal Kingdom Sea Creatures

Hervey Sea Mosses

Hervey Sea Mosses and Algae

Jardine Naturalist's Library

Hand-colored engravings from Jardine's The Naturalist's Library Ornithology

Lloyd's Natural History

Butterfly antique prints from Lloyd's Natural History

Loddiges Botanical Cabinet

Hand-colored engravings from Loddiges The Botanical Cabinet

Lowe Beautiful Leaved Plants

Original antique color lithograph botanical print from Lowe's Beautiful Leaved Plants

Lowe Ferns British and Exotic

Antique botanical prints from Lowe's Ferns, British and Exotic

Lowe Native Ferns

Original antique color lithograph botanical print from Our Native Ferns or a History of the Briti...

Maynard Butterflies

Antique butterfly colored lithographic book plates by A Manual of North American Butterflies

Morris Birds

Antique bird print handcolored lithographic book plates by Morris

Morris Butterflies

Antique prints of butterflies from Morris British Butterflies.

Morris Moths

Antique hand-colored lithographs of butterflies book plates by Morris from A Natural History of B...

Parkinson Paradisi in Sole

Antique engravings from Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris or Park-in-Sun's Terrestrial Paradise

Peck Mushrooms

Antique chromolithographs from University of the State of New York Report State Botanist 1895 by...

Pratt Flowering Plants

Antique chromolithographs from Anne Pratt's Flowering Plants published in 1855.


Natural history publications from 18th and 19th centuries illustrating plants, flowers, animals,...

Red Algae

Artwork of red algae, or rhodophyta, Red algae have a long history of use as a source of nutritio...

Sowerby English Botany

Antique hand-colored engravings by James Sowerby from English Botany.

Thornton British Flora

Original antique engraving botanical print from Thornton's British Flora

Thornton Elements of Botany

Original antique engraving botanical print from Thornton's Elements of Botany published in 1812.

Weber Alpine Plants

Small antique prints from Alpine Plants by Weber